The VOCs catalytic combustion by perovskite catalysts: A mini-review

Catalytic Combustion of VOCs

  • Zahra Pouramini M.Sc. of Environmental Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty, Tarbiat Modares University. Tehran, Iran
Keywords: VOCs; Perovskite; Catalytic Combustion; Air pollution


     With the development of industries and factories, the production of VOCs is increasing. Today, the mass production of VOCs has become one of the environmental concerns. VOCs are toxic, and their entrance into the human body causes many problems for the metabolic, digestion, and nervous system. There are various catalysts for VOCs combustion, but recently, perovskite catalysts have been known as non-noble catalysts which play an essential role in the VOCs catalytic combustion. Perovskite's special catalytic features and thermal stability make them an excellent candidate for controlling environmental pollution. However, the synthesis method of perovskite plays a decisive role in its performance. In this paper, VOCs, their classification, and source of production are discussed, and then types of perovskites, method of synthesis, and their characterization are introduced.


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