Spinel ferrites, Nanomaterials, Catalysis, Conventional methods, Technologies, Applications.

Keywords: Spinel ferrites, Nanomaterials, Catalysis, Conventional methods, Technologies, Applications.


The most conventional approaches for producing spinel ferrite structured nanomaterials. This research illustrates process innovation and excellent execution of cobalt ferrite production technology. Cobalt ferrite offers a extensive range of scientific applications, including magnetic sensors, catalysis, wastewater treatment, and hydrogen generation, among others. CoFe2O4, also known as spinel ferrite nanostructure, has distinct properties and has been inspect with a heterogeneity of fuels. With major consequences for carbon compound structure, doping action, and toxicity reduction. During the procedure, a substantial number of gases such as NOx, etc. are emitted. Several techniques are used to synthesis cobalt ferrite, including the hammer's method, the sol-gel approach, the co-precipitation, the hydrothermal method, the microwave aided method, and the solution combustion method. Other than the loss of abundant excess energy, the combustion approach is the simplest solution. In the future, systematic management will be required to limit toxicity and greenhouse gas emissions to preserve the ecosystem.


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